Suspended Square LED Panel Light for Ceiling

Min. Order: 2000 Set/Sets

Basic Info

Model No.: PL-A-02-6060

Light Source: LED

Appearance: Square

Type: Ceiling

Base Material: Iron

Certification: CE, ISO9001

Voltage: 220V

Additional Info

Packaging: carton

Transportation: Ocean

HS Code: 940510000

Port: Shanghai,Ningbo

Product Description

First though a word about LED lighting technology. An LED – or light emitting diode – is a device through which an electric current is passed in order to generate light. This process, known as electroluminescence, contrasts with the older method of generating light via the heating of a filament to the point that it glows (known as incandescence). Here’s how it works: when the current is passed through the diode, a semiconductor material, electrons are knocked loose and emit quanta of energy known as photons (visible to us as light). That’s it! It’s a very simple technology, but also a very effective one.

Compared to older forms of lighting technology, like incandescent bulbs and fluorescent lights, LEDs deliver a brighter, cleaner, more even light -free of shaded areas and hot spots, flickering, glare and humming noises – and are also far more energy efficient and long-lasting. Indeed, because of these advantages LEDs are rapidly phasing out these older forms of lighting in many areas. There are now LED lights to be found in all sorts of settings, domestic and commercial alike – you can find LEDs in your home, in your car, even in the screen of your smartphone or tablet device. LEDs are even being touted as one of the major solutions to our environmental and energy crises, due to their very low carbon footprint compared to incandescent and fluorescent lights.

LED Flat Panel Lights Applications:

1) Hotels
2) Conference/Meeting Rooms
3) Factories & Offices
4) Commercial Purposes
5) Residential/Institution Buildings
6) School, Colleges & Universities
7) Hospitals
8) Places where Energy Saving and High Color Rendering Index Lighting are needed

Model :

Input voltage :

Product Size :

PL-A-02-6060 90-265V/220-240V 59.5x59.5cm

Wattages avaliable :

HZ :

Life time :

40W, 4000Lm 50/60 HZ 25000HRS

CCT(K) :


2700/4000/6500K >80

Beam angle :

PF :

IP :

110° >0.9 20


Certification :

Warranty :

<6 CE/CB 2~3years

led panel light 15 watt

led panel light 15 wattSurface Panel Light

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