Recessed Ceiling Lighting LED Panel Light

Product Description


LED panel lights are ideal for replacing conventional fittings in:

Offices, meeting room, showroom, bedroom, schools, hospital, factory, workshop, lobby, metro, airport, corridor, hotels, restaurants, supermarkets and various places indoor lighting.

direct-lit led panel lamp

*New aluminum frame design, no screws on backside
*Instant start, no flickering, no humming, save 60% energy
*Super Slim and high efficiency isolation constant current driver,NO FLICKER
*Special circuit design, avoiding any problem of light outage caused by faulty LED
*Environmental Protection: Recycled, no mercury and other harmful substances,without harmful rays infrared and ultraviolet light
*Easy Installation: Recessed or suspended (Full suspension kits: mounting screws, lifting rope, clips)

Model :

Input voltage :

Product Size :

2106DL300 90-265V/220-240V 30x30cm

Wattages avaliable :

HZ :

Life time :

21w, 1600lm 50/60 HZ 25000HRS

CCT(K) :


2700/4000/6500K >80

Beam angle :

PF :

IP :

110° >0.5 20


Certification :

Warranty :

<6 Applying 2~3years
2x4 Led Flat Panel

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