LED Parking Lot Light

Product Description

Our LED lighting options provide better surface illumination using less energy than HID lighting, so you can create a brighter, safer environment for your staff, customers and other patrons in all your outdoor areas, and at a lower cost. are ideal for parking lots, auto dealership sales lots, mall and retail spaces, educational and business campuses, security areas and park & recreation areas. Anyone with a large parking lot they need consistently lit or anyone still using HID lighting greatly benefits from switching to our LED area lighting.

Model :

Input voltage :

Product Size :

PL002-600 Cross 90-265V/220-240V 600*600*42.3mm

Wattages avaliable :

HZ :

Life time :

55W, 4400Lm 50/60 HZ 25000HRS

CCT(K) :


2700/4000/6500K >80

Beam angle :

PF :

IP :

300° >0.9 20


Certification :

Warranty :

<6 Applying 2~3years
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